The Single Crochet

One day I will learn to Double Crochet, maybe even Triple Crochet (if that is a thing). For now all I can do is single crochet, and this is how I do it.


In this little crochet circle you can see the stitches running in a chain around the edge of the work. When you are making a single crochet you need to put the hook through both strands of wool in the stitch (this is something I got wrong at first because in knitting you would only put the needle through 1 strand.

Step 1: Crochet Hook   

Put the crochet hook under the two strands that form the stitch.

sc 2

Step 2: The Wool

Wrap the wool around the end of the crochet hook.

sc 3

Step 3: Pull Through

Pull the wool through the stitch. Now you have two loops on your crochet needle.

sc 5

Step 4: Finish 

Wrap the wool around the end of the crochet hook again.


Pull the wool through both of the loops on the hook.


Tighten gently to finish.

sc 8



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